CNS-Marine Nigeria Limited

CNS-Marine Nigeria Limited

Our People

We are commited to excellent service with a drive to accomplish our goals.

Our People

We believe that business is about people. CNS MARINE people all share the same enthusiasm about our industry and the service we provide. A fantastic collaborative culture exists within the company by making use of our peoples’ experience.

We are able to manage your project with a well-balanced and comprehensive knowledge of the construction industry.

Our divers have the experience and training needed to perform underwater work which includes

  • Pipeline and jacket inspections
  • Repair clamp installation
  • Installation of sub sea assemblies and risers
  • Hyperbaric welding
  • Wet stick welding and underwater cutting
  • Anode replacement
  • Anchoring pipelines
  • Underwater jetting
  • Underwater hot tapping
  • Cleaning cooling towers and holding ponds
  • dock inspections
  • Pier and dock repairs
  • Plug and abandonment
  • and general diving services.

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For over 9 years, CNS MARINE has continued to manage projects with a well-balanced and comprehensive knowledge of the subsea construction industry. With an administrative office in Lagos and an operations base in Port Harcourt, find out how best to reach us.

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